MechLog has provided specialised timber harvesting service to the softwood and hardwood plantation timber industry since 1994. The success of the services offered by MechLog across Australia is built on developing a systematic approach to harvesting operations that maximises time and production efficiencies; while being ever vigilant to limit the impact of the industry on the surrounding environment.

MechLog has always been proactive in introducing the latest technologies to the Australian timber industry and using it to offer the greatest opportunity to maximise the yields from a valuable renewable resource. The company’s philosophy of actively developing and promoting a strong working relationship with their clients and end-user customers has placed the business in a strong position to service the needs of existing and future clients.

This dedication to the client-service relationship is built on respect, professional communication and the company’s personal commitment to the long-term sustainability of Australia’s forest industries.

MechLog understands the important role that the company performs in relation to the supplying a quality final product and sales outcome to the end user.

MechLog’s ethical and sustainable approach to the forestry industry is what makes it possible for the company to live their vision of being the premier provider of harvesting services to the Australian plantation timber industry, and to promote its core value of ‘Forestry with Care’.


MechLog is proud of its commitment to providing its clients with high-quality services, made possible by utilising the most advanced technologies available to the forestry industry. The company believes that its precise combination of knowledge, skills, and advanced technologies enables it to deliver optimum results for every client, regardless of their individual needs.

MechLog continues to invest in the new technology to lower its impact on the environment, offer greater levels of safety, and to offer improved financial returns to its clients.

Technology has allowed MechLog to reduce the cost of doing business and offer long-term sustainable solutions to its clients. By employing the right technology MechLog aims to increase productivity, while reducing the impact on the environment and lowering overhead costs.

MechLog runs and maintains one of the most modern harvesting and forwarding fleets in Australia. In the Green Triangle, the fleet utilises the Komatsu Maxi Vision system. This system provides a vast amount of information to MechLog and the customer, including the position of logs in the coupe, the volume, and the time and date it was cut. All MechLog’s equipment is networked so all operators have situational awareness of the coupe.

All MechLog’s harvesting equipment use optimising technologies to maximise value from every coupe, to benefit the forest owners and ensure the best return on investment for all stakeholders.