MechLog is an equal opportunity employer. The company is committed to employing and promoting suitably qualified candidates, based on merit, who are best suited for the position and who demonstrate a genuine interest and enthusiasm for the forestry industry.

Successful applicants are required to undertake an exhaustive induction, with a priority focus on safety and wellbeing in the workplace. MechLog endeavours to provide and maintain safe and healthy workplace environments in order to achieve the company’s vision of an injury and harm-free workplace.

MechLog’s investment in training and coaching is designed to provide a positive and rewarding work environment. The positive safety culture is reinforced through MechLog’s commitment to informing, consulting, and engaging with personnel on a regular basis.

MechLog consider our employees to be our greatest asset. The company is committed to the health, safety, and wellbeing of everyone who works with MechLog; be they employees, contractors, or visitors.

MechLog is committed to ongoing evaluation and improvement of its safety management system. The company conducts regular safety audits to monitor the effectiveness of its systems; and to encourage open communication and consultation between all employees. This timely feedback assists the company to continually upgrade existing safe work policies and procedures.

Following a suitable qualification periods, ongoing employment and future promotion opportunities for all employees, is based purely on merit and possessing or attaining the appropriate skills as relevant to the position held.

MechLog welcomes interest from suitably qualified and motivated individuals who are looking for a career in the forestry industry. To register your interest in working with MechLog, please complete the Employment Application form below. You will be contacted when a suitable position becomes available within the company.


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Truck Licence – light
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Truck Licence – light articulated
Truck Licence – motorcycle
Truck Licence – light
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Certificate 3 in Harvesting and Haulage
Excavator Harvesting
Mechanical Harvesting
Mechanical Processor
Log Forwarder
Fire Weather Evaluation
Fire Safety
First Aid Certificate


In case of emergency