MechLog offers a cost effective and professional solution for most forestry operation  needs. Core services include:

  • Plantation softwood harvesting and forwarding.
  • Plantation hardwood harvesting and forwarding.
  • Log haulage services.
  • Forestry equipment mechanical services.
  • Forest operations consultancy.
  • Work, health and safety consultancy.


Mechanised Logging select their equipment based on high productivity, low operating costs, innovative technology, and its ability to create an excellent and safe operator environment.

Australia’s forests are an essential and fragile element of the continent’s ecology. Therefore, every new machine, piece of equipment, and all the component parts, are scrutinised with an eye to both the short-term and long-term impact on the environments in which they operate.

MechLog reviews its equipment holdings on a regular basis and operates its own maintenance and servicing facilities, manned by well-qualified mechanics and engineers. This comprehensive approach to selecting, maintaining, reviewing, and operating machinery in an environmentally responsible and safe manner allows MechLog to offer clients a truly low-impact and efficient alternative when selecting a supplier. This attention to in-the-field operations, extends to real environmental improvements such as highly effective exhaust emission control and low, evenly distributed ground pressure on all MechLog’s equipment.