At MechLog, we understand that our success is driven by our people and our culture. We prioritise developing and nurturing each and every one of our employees, as they are at the heart of our business.

We recognise that every employee has their own professional and personal goals, and we work to help them achieve these goals through mentorship, training, and development opportunities. We believe that when our employees succeed, our business succeeds.

To attract and retain the best talent in the forestry industry, we offer our employees ongoing training and development opportunities, as well as the latest machines and tools to do their jobs. We also promote from within whenever possible, giving our employees a clear path for career advancement.

Our inclusive culture is built on open and transparent communication. We encourage meaningful dialogue between leadership and employees, and we prioritise transparency throughout the entire organisation. This leads to greater collaboration, mentorship, and idea-sharing, ultimately promoting trust and teamwork across the board.

Our commitment to our people and our culture is reflected in everything we do, from how we work with each other to how we engage with our clients and the wider community. As a proud contributor to the Australian forestry sector, we are dedicated to recruiting and developing the best people in the industry, and we are confident that our people and culture programs will continue to drive our success well into the future.

People & Culture

Great people and culture programmes influence everything at MechLog, from how employees work with each other, customers, and the community, to how successful we are as a business.

To develop MechLog’s people and culture position, the company focused on developing the people within the organisation by acting as mentors for their careers and getting to know MechLog employees on a personal level.

People are at the heart of MechLog. With 40 colleagues working across Australia in different locations, the need has never been greater to ensure MechLog is developing and nurturing every one of its employees.

At MechLog, we strive to recruit, train, develop, retain, and attract the best people to the forestry industry. Every MechLog employee is encouraged to reach his or her full potential through training and development.

We encourage every employee to continue with formal education to improve their careers and job satisfaction options. We then equip them with the best machines and tools to do their job, including embracing new technologies, and innovating the way we work.

We recognise that MechLog employees work best when they are part of an engaged and motivated team, with established employment pathways available to them. Whenever possible, MechLog promote from within, which offers our employees an opportunity to quickly develop their individual careers.

MechLog has continued to develop an increasingly inclusive culture by building on the opportunities provided by our clients and a growing industry to expand our operations and offer new challenges to our employees.

Through meaningful communication, the leadership team is tasked with sharing information, receiving feedback, and developing communication opportunities with all employees so that they feel valued, involved with, and informed about MechLog. Transparency is a communication strategy that applies to the entire organisation, not just to senior leaders or decision makers. The advantage of adopting this team approach is that it not only dictates how leaders interact with employees, but it also sets the culture for how every leader and employee communicate transparently with each other to promote trust throughout an organisation. This openness leads to greater collaboration, mentorship, and sharing of ideas.