Fleet management

and equipment

MechLog is proud of its commitment to provide its clients with high-quality services, made possible by utilising the most advanced technologies available to the forestry industry. The company believes that its precise combination of knowledge, skills, and advanced technologies, makes it possible for MechLog to deliver optimum results for every client, regardless of their individual needs.

In addition to the company’s commitment to its clients, MechLog continues to invest in new technology to lower its impact on the environment, offer greater levels of safety to its employees, and improve financial returns to clients.

Australia’s forests are an essential and fragile element of the continent’s ecology. Therefore, every new machine, piece of equipment, and all the component parts, are scrutinised with an eye to both the short-term and long-term impact on the environments in which they operate.

All MechLog’s harvesting equipment use optimising technologies to maximise value from every timber holding. This benefits clients by maximising their return on investment.

MechLog runs and maintains one of the most modern harvesting and forwarding fleets in Australia. Across MechLog’s Tasmanian ETF operations, the company utilises the well-respected John Deere Timber Manager system. These systems provide a comprehensive amount of data, analytics, and invaluable information to MechLog and their clients, including the geo-position of individual trees in a stand, the volume of the tree, and the time and date it was harvested. These systems also assist with the networking of multiple machines, which provides situational awareness to operators.

MechLog selects equipment based on high productivity, low operating costs, innovative technology, and its ability to create an excellent and safe operator environment.

MechLog reviews its equipment assets on a regular basis and operates its own fully equipped maintenance and servicing facilities in Tasmania. All equipment and machinery is maintained by highly qualified, experienced mechanics. This comprehensive approach to selecting, maintaining, reviewing, and operating machinery in an environmentally responsible and safe manner allows MechLog to offer clients a truly low-impact and efficient alternative when selecting a contractor.