Mechanised Logging

The Leadership Team

Anthony Brown

Managing Director

Anthony has been MechLog’s Managing Director since 1994. He brings more than 36 years of operational and management experience in forestry to the industry. He is a results-driven and respected senior business director, with extensive experience in the forest business services sector. Anthony is recognised and acknowledged for the effective delivery and execution of numerous projects; as well as for his standing as an accomplished business leader within the industry.

As MechLog’s Managing Director, Anthony has established an enviable reputation for delivering impressive results regarding business growth, contract security, profitability, operational performance, and leadership. His proven ability to exceed business goals and build long-term productive relationships with internal and external stakeholders, is matched by his ability to deliver exceptional returns and consistent, sustainable results for MechLog’s clients.

His credentials in business development, management, personnel management, and mechanical expertise, support his experience and qualifications in forestry operations and timber harvesting.

Anthony has participated in numerous industry study tours to United States, Canada, Sweden, and New Zealand. As well as maintaining a commitment to practical, life-long learning throughout Australia and overseas, he has completed several forestry industry management certificates, including conflict resolution, communications, and staff development.

Prior to establishing a career in the forestry industry, Anthony served for several years in the Australian Army. As a result of his military training, Anthony brings strong leadership and organisational skills to his role as Managing Director of MechLog, as well as an understanding of the importance of strategic planning, self-discipline, and team building.

Anthony was inducted into the Australian Forest Contractors Association (AFCA) Hall of Fame in 2016.

Jillian Aylett Brown, GAICD

Chief Executive Officer

Before joining MechLog in 2000, Jillian had established, owned, and operated two successful businesses for eight years. She also worked as an adviser in the disciplines of business and project development, strategic marketing, and human resource management for various clients across several industries. Jillian has gained extensive experience and knowledge in business management systems supporting forestry supply services.

With over 30 years’ experience as a senior business manager, including over twenty years in the forestry sector, Jillian brings a wealth of knowledge, backed by qualifications in the disciplines of human resources, Work Health and Safety, compliance, project management, marketing, supply-chain, and business operations, to MechLog.

Jillian has repeatedly demonstrated success in the development of initiatives to improve business processes at an operational and management level. This extensive experience in business development, management and marketing concepts, contract and business development strategies, budget projections and forecasting, has given her the necessary qualifications to successfully manage MechLog’s management systems, including quality, safety and environment, and human resource management.

Jillian holds a Diploma of Travel (International Operations) and a Diploma of Entrepreneurship (2000) from the Enterprise Development Institute of Australia. She is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, graduating in 2020.

Jillian has won several prestigious awards for her contributions to the forestry industry.

Senior Team

Jo Davidson

Business Manager

Joanne joined the MechLog team in 2017 and manages the day-to- day operations of the company. Jo’s extensive expertise with national and ASX listed companies in business management, human resources, accounting, strategic planning, and risk analysis, is a real asset to MechLog; that brings a high level of professionalism to the company’s operations. Jo sets and monitors production performance and budgets, monitors and documents progress, and implements changes when required.

Jo provides a critical role in relation to centralising internal communications with personnel, which extends to external liaison with client. An advocate for adopting a team approach to achieve better outcomes and to meet customer needs and expectations, Jo cultivates collaborative culture and encourages engagement and positive interaction between all personnel throughout MechLog. She holds a Diploma of Business Administration.

Adrian Brown

Regional Manager North East Tasmania & Trainer

Adrian has been employed at MechLog since 1994. His 29 years of experience, including high-level industry and operational expertise, has been instrumental to the growth and expansion of MechLog during that time.

As a team leader and supervisor, Adrian has made great use of his exceptional communication skills with all stakeholders. Known for building strong working relationships with the rest of the management team, clients, and employees, Adrian has a well-deserved reputation for making insightful contributions to the success of any program with which he is involved.

Adrian has actively engaged in business development and leadership and is a Graduate of MechLog’s ‘Great Leadership Program’. He has responsibility for training and coaching MechLog’s new trainees as well as sharing his knowledge with employees looking to advance their careers.

He holds a Certificate 3 in Forestry Operations and is MechLog’s Mental Health First Aid Leader.

Duncan Norton

Work Health & Safety Manager

Duncan provides active and continual improvements in all areas of risk management and compliance relating to health, safety, and wellbeing of the MechLog team and those who enter the workplaces. Coupled with broad experience, he is well-qualified for his role as Work Health & Safety Manager.

Prior to joining MechLog, Duncan has worked as a Fitter/Welder in several sectors, including the heavy manufacturing, earthmoving, and the marine industries. Duncan moved from a trade-based career to an industrial sales and sales management career. This involved considerable travel, both domestically and internationally, exposing him to many varied personality types and cultures, which developed his interpersonal skills along with his extensive administrative experience.

Duncan is a graduate of MechLog’s Great Leadership Program. He holds a Certificate IV in Work Health & Safety and is certified in first-aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, mental health first-aid, workplace drug and alcohol assessment, working safely near live electrical apparatus, and fire equipment servicing. Duncan is also an ICAM lead incident investigator.

Dave Rowbottom

Regional Manager North West Tasmania

Dave is another highly valued member of the senior team at MechLog, having worked with the company since 2007.

Over the past 15years, Dave has used his extensive experience as an operator – as well as his skills as a team leader and supervisor to mentor and train new employees as they have joined the company.

Dave’s natural leadership style of leading by example has earned him a high level of respect from his colleagues. He has a genuine passion for his work and is often called upon to exercise his exceptional communication skills with a wide array of stakeholders. His genuine passion for work is evident in his work ethic and commitment to advancing the career values of the forestry industry. A graduate of MechLog’s ‘Great Leadership Program’, Dave also holds a Certificate 3 in Forestry Operations.

Organisational Chart

Guest Speakers and Presenters.

Anthony and Jillian are both accomplished and sought-after guest speakers and presenters for industry conferences and media appearances. Their respective depths of knowledge about the Australian forestry industry, its history, opportunities, and innovative approach to how MechLog operates in an industry under constant political and community scrutiny makes for interesting listening, viewing, and reading.

If you would like Anthony or Jillian to attend your symposium, conference, seminar, corporate or media event as a speaker or presenter, please use the contact page to lodge an enquiry. Your enquiry will be actioned within 24 hours. Alternatively, please call the MechLog switchboard number listed on the contact page.