MechLog views its commitment to ‘Forestry with Care’ and environmental management as a priority. By utilising advanced harvesting technology and equipment, MechLog has a greater degree of control when selecting and ingathering trees. By utilising this advanced approach, MechLog significantly limits the level of damage to surrounding trees. This retains immature trees as a future resource and helps to ensure the sustainability of the industry.

MechLog’s equipment manifest is one of the most modern, technologically advanced, harvesting fleets in Australia. The company embraces new technology to maximize the recovery-rate percentage from each tree. It also assists the long-term sustainability of the Australian plantation timber industry.

Forwarder technology provides great care for the environment when removing trees from the forest floor. MechLog’s advanced machines also minimise the carbon emissions.

Highly trained and skilled personnel perform operations with a strict adherence to standard operating procedures and compliance with both the Forest Practices Code and Forest Safety Code.