Training and Development

MechLog’s leadership team is committed to embedding training, development, inclusiveness, and better business practices into everything we do, including the way we lead the MechLog team.

As a result, MechLog believes that it is important to treat recruitment and team development as a critical component of the company’s standard operational procedures. Experience has demonstrated that this commitment to a comprehensive recruitment process has contributed to the success of the company. This includes winning several prestigious awards including, the Skills Development and Training Excellence Award at the 2019 Tasmanian Timber Awards and being named as a Finalist in the 2022 Tasmanian Training Awards – small employer of the year.

MechLog strives to put our clients and the forestry industry first. This requires the company to maintain a culture that prioritises people.

MechLog is committed to fostering an environment, which is inclusive, empowering, and industry-focused.

We firmly believe that personal development, structured career paths, training, and access to opportunity brings ideas and perspectives to the table. This makes MechLog more agile and stronger for our clients and a preferred place to work for our employees.

In general terms, MechLog takes an industry-wide approach to training and skills development. The value of training and skills development, based on MechLog’s own training programme and tertiary education, such as Certificate III in Forest Operations, helps to build the profile of forestry as a career. This is particularly important in our regional communities, which is something that MechLog promotes to highlight forestry as a desirable career; one that will attract future generations of well qualified, highly skilled forestry professionals from diverse backgrounds.

Structured training and development offer a prime opportunity to MechLog to expand the knowledge base of all company employees. Training and development provide individuals and MechLog with many benefits that far outweigh considerations of time and money. Training and development are an investment and should always be viewed as such.

The return on investment to MechLog from the training and development of employees is significant. We view training as an important undertaking to our employees and their careers, which in turn fosters loyalty and commitment, improved productivity, and better service outcomes for our clients.

MechLog’s experience is that when employees feel valued and integral to the success of the company, there is a natural improvement in their job satisfaction, performance, and confidence, which improves productivity. This can only benefit MechLog and our clients.