Social licence

and corporate integrity

MechLog values its social licence to operate in the sometimes controversial and politically charged forest industries sector. Since its first year of operation, MechLog has taken purposeful steps to build its social licence by supporting the integrity and development of forest industries; and by building trust and awareness of the overall industry and MechLog’s part in its success.

MechLog’s social licence extends to all of its contracts, which includes maintaining ongoing approval with all our stakeholders, including political and public acceptance of MechLog operations and business practices. Trust and integrity are important foundations to the MechLog business, both of which support the company’s social license with governments, regulators, clients, and the communities in which MechLog operates.

MechLog also values education and transparency about its operations and the forestry industry, which in itself helps to reduce public concern, counter misinformation, and build social license.

MechLog promotes confidence in its business activities by adopting a proactive, positive role in forest industries and the wider community. The benefits of engaging with all stakeholders in a transparent manner are clear. Stakeholders feel informed and empowered if they are treated respectfully during periods of change and when MechLog commences new operations. This assists MechLog to create a bond of trust and to develop its the social licence with all stakeholders.