Another win for MechLog at the WorkSafe Tasmania Awards

(L-R) Duncan Norton, Jillian Aylett Brown, Anthony Brown, Jo Davidson

Following the company’s success at the recent Tasmanian Timber Awards and being a finalist in the WorkSafe Tasmania Awards in 2018, MechLog has won another award at the 2021 WorkSafe Tasmania Awards. MechLog was presented with its award at a gala dinner held in Hobart on Friday October 1.

MechLog won the award for Excellence in Work Health and Safety Systems, while the company’s Work Health & Safety Manager, Duncan Norton, was recognised as a finalist in the category of Excellence in Contributions to Work Health and Safety.

MechLog’s CEO, Jillian Aylett Brown, said that winning the WorkSafe Tasmania Award was the result of a commitment by every staff member making safety in the workplace a priority.

“I’m often asked about MechLog’s enviable safety record and, in particular, our training systems. I firmly believe that our success is based on the fact we create and support a safety culture that results in safety becoming a personal value; one that is never compromised,” Jillian said.

“The strength and success of MechLog’s Safety Management System is that it has been developed and managed in-house and customised to our needs. There is a high degree of ownership for our Safety Management Systems because staff members have made significant contributions.

“MechLog’s philosophy is ‘let’s talk safety to keep us safe.’ This philosophy has engaged employees at all levels of our operations. It also includes a focus on personal well-being and mental health. The result is a workforce, which is very proud of MechLog’s safety ethos and culture; one that is also admired by the forestry industry.

“The MechLog System starts with a comprehensive Work Health and Safety induction program. This allows each new employee to experience and value the role of a positive safety culture in the workplace. They recognise that they have duty of care for their own safety, as well as the safety of their colleagues. Our Operations Supervisors implement and monitor compliance in the field.

“MechLog’s Safety Management System is wholly integrated into the overall operation. Safety management is not an ‘add-on’ to MechLog’s operations. It is integral to the way that MechLog performs its various tasks and delivers services. MechLog’s employees understand this and are committed to performing their tasks with safety as a paramount consideration.

“As a result of the extensive training systems we have in place, we have been able to achieve consistent results in safety performance, which has provided an important element of sustainability for the company. MechLog is vigilant in developing and implementing revised safety procedures if we detect any weaknesses or find better ways to promote safety in the workplace.

“Our Systems assist MechLog to retain personnel, as they help to create a positive and rewarding work environment. We focus on open communication, which ensures a holistic approach to matters of health, wellbeing, and fitness. Our goal is to impart a high degree of genuine care for our employees. As a result, we experience a very low turnover of staff at MechLog,” Jillian added.

Operating since 1996, the WorkSafe Awards are held bi-annually. They were not held in 2020 due to COVID-19. The awards are an initiative funded by the WorkCover Tasmania Board. The WorkSafe Tasmania Awards are designed to recognise Tasmanian organisations and individuals who are leading the way in workplace health, safety and wellbeing. The awards promote best practice by encouraging public and private workplaces and individuals throughout Tasmania to develop and implement workplace initiatives and solutions that help to achieve a safer, healthier and well work environment. The awards also encourage organisations to share their learning and help innovative safety solutions to find their way into widespread practical application in workplaces around Tasmania.

MEDIA NOTES: Mechanised Logging Pty Limited (MechLog) is an Australian forestry services company that commenced operations in 1994. Since that time, the company has established its brand and its ‘Forestry with Care’ approach to industry practices as a respected services provider to the sector. Over the years, MechLog has kept pace with the latest technology and forestry practices. By embracing the changes within the industry, adopting new technologies, and maintaining a fleet of modern equipment, MechLog has built a successful sustainable business, and created greater efficiencies and productivity to meet the requirements of their clients and the demands of the end-users.

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