MechLog Celebrates National Forestry Day.

Tuesday August 30, 2022 marks the inaugural National Forestry Day. An event that recognises the contribution Australia’s most sustainable industry makes to the national economy.

MechLog Chief Executive Officer, Ms Jillian Aylett Brown, said that her company is proud to be part of an industry that makes such a positive contribution to the economy, while offering training and employment opportunities to so many people.

“Every year, forest industries contribute $24 billion to the national economy and offer direct employment to 80,000 highly qualified employees, as well as another 100,000 indirect jobs,” Jillian said.

“Forestry is Australia’s most sustainable industry; one that plants more than 70 million trees every year. Here in Tasmania, the Tasmanian Forest Products Association estimates that we have 226,500 hectares of hardwood plantation totalling 250 million trees and another 75,500 hectares of softwood plantations with a further 75 million trees. All of these trees – along with the 3,048,500 hectares of native forests containing an estimated 1.5 billion trees – are absorbing carbon, which helps to fight climate change.

“Forestry industries supply any number of essential and renewable products, from house-frames and structural timber, to furniture, floorboards, paper, and cardboard. These are all every-day essential items, which would be difficult to live without.

“Modern forest practices have come a long way since the 19th and 20th Centuries. Today, modern, low-impact machines harvest timber with little impact on the local environment; and the turn-around from harvesting to replanting can be as little as a few months. Forestry workers are as concerned about the environment as they are about producing a great, renewable primary resource. There is a lot to celebrate on National Forestry Day, and all of us at MechLog are so proud to be part of it,” Jillian said.

MEDIA NOTES: Mechanised Logging Pty Limited (MechLog) is an Australian forestry services company that commenced operations in 1994. Since that time, the company has established its brand and its ‘Forestry with Care’ approach to industry practices as a respected services provider to the sector. Over the years, MechLog has kept pace with the latest technology and forestry practices. By embracing the changes within the industry, adopting new technologies, and maintaining a fleet of modern equipment, MechLog has built a successful sustainable business, and created greater efficiencies and productivity to meet the requirements of their clients and the demands of the end-users.

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