MechLog graduates herald a new generation of forestry professionals.

Bailey Kember (SA)

MechLog’s Managing Director, Mr Anthony Brown has congratulated the company’s latest two Certificate III graduates, Ben Viney in Tasmania, and Bailey Kember in South Australia. The young duo’s new qualification in Harvesting and Haulage, will assist them to further their careers in the forestry industry and to ensure the success of MechLog’s environmentally responsible forestry practices, with their news skills and youthful enthusiasm.

MechLog is committed to providing formal training through traineeships to new personnel, as well as to experienced personnel recruited from similar industries, such as the agriculture and mining sectors. Providing the opportunity to cross-skill through recognised RTO Certificate III courses, such as Harvesting & Haulage equips employees with the requisite skills and assists them to build a career in the forestry industry.

“MechLog is so proud of Bailey and Ben for successfully completing their training with the LITA training organisation in South Australia and with Tas TAFE in Tasmania respectively,” Anthony said.

“Their qualifications follow their commitment to a two-year traineeship, which covered a variety of skill sets that will not only help them with their careers in forestry but ensure MechLog’s business and employees are up to date with the latest training and forestry practices.

“Over the past two years, Bailey and Ben have had excellent practical and study period training in forest practices and operational processes, work health and safety, communications, first aid, fire management, and operational skills on a variety of forestry equipment, such as harvesting, processing, and log forwarding machines.

“When Ben joined MechLog, he already had a proficient level of skill, yet with Tas TAFE training and in-the-field experience, he has progressed to be an extremely confident operator. Ben approaches his commitment to his role in a quiet and professional manner; he is an excellent communicator and, like the rest of the MechLog team, values safety. It has been very satisfying to MechLog and his work colleagues to see Ben develop his skills as a proficient operator as a result of his Certificate III training,” Anthony added.

MechLog’s Regional Manager for South Australia, Mr Ben Rosenthal, said that before undertaking the traineeship, Bailey Kember worked for a local timber company as a labourer operating a post peeling machine.

“It has been a pleasure to watch Bailey’s skills and confidence grow over the past two years as he worked to complete his Certificate III in Harvesting and Haulage. It is a credit to his commitment to the industry and to MechLog, which has seen Bailey become a very skilled operator on our Forwarder and Harvester, as well as becoming an important and respected member of the team in South Australia,” Mr Rosenthal said.

“On behalf of the whole MechLog team, especially his colleagues in South Australia, it is a pleasure to congratulate Bailey on completing his Cert III in Harvesting and Haulage on the ML6 operation. Bailey started out on a forwarder picking up posts for the first six months and progressed very quickly through various skill sets to become a vital part of the harvesting team. I would personally like to thank and commend Bailey for his effort and willingness to learn and the dedication he has applied to MechLog and his traineeship,” Mr Rosenthal added.

Anthony Brown said that MechLog values training and education as an essential part of our workforce development programme. The benefits of training provide the relevant skillsets, as well as consistency of knowledge, and workplace professionalism.

“The increase in job satisfaction, employee motivation, career pathways, efficiencies in processes and production output, and the ability to adopt innovative technologies and methods, cannot be overestimated,” Anthony said.

In MechLog’s experience, attending to the individual training needs of every employee also helps us to improve innovation in strategies and products, reduced employee turnover, enhance the company’s image, and improve risk management across our diversely skilled workforce,” he added.

Ben Viney (Tas)

MEDIA NOTES: Mechanised Logging Pty Limited (MechLog) is an Australian forestry services company that commenced operations in 1994. Since that time, the company has established its brand and its ‘Forestry with Care’ approach to industry practices as a respected services provider to the sector. Over the years, MechLog has kept pace with the latest technology and forestry practices. By embracing the changes within the industry, adopting new technologies, and maintaining a fleet of modern equipment, MechLog has built a successful sustainable business, and created greater efficiencies and productivity to meet the requirements of their clients and the demands of the end-users.

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