Mechlog launches seed, a new forestry training programme to improve skills and attract new talent to the industry.

MechLog, a leading provider of forestry services, has announced the launch of Skills Enhancement & Employee Development, a new training programme aimed at improving the skills of people entering the forestry industry in Australia and Tasmania. The programme also aims to assist the industry to attract younger people, and those from similar industries, to consider a career in the forest harvesting sector.

Speaking about the new Skills Enhancement & Employee Development (SEED) programme, MechLog’s CEO, Ms Jillian Aylett Brown, said SEED is set to revolutionise the way new entrants to the forestry industry are trained. With a focus on younger participants, SEED is an innovative, customised training programme designed to support successful learning outcomes and create career development opportunities for new entrants to the industry.

“MechLog is excited to launch our Skills Enhancement & Employee Development programme. SEED is designed to improve the skills of people entering the forestry industry as well as assist the forestry sector to attract new talent. With an aging workforce and increasing demand for timber products, it is crucial that we invest in training and development to ensure a sustainable future for the industry,” Ms Aylett Brown said.

“We believe that SEED will play a crucial role in addressing the skills gap in the forestry sector and assist MechLog to attract new talent to the company. It is an exciting time to be involved in forestry, with new technologies and innovations creating opportunities for growth and sustainability.

“SEED is offered to new employees pursuing a career in harvesting operations with MechLog, including school leavers and those looking to transition from other industries. While places are limited, we are always interested in hearing from suitably capable applicants who are interested in joining the MechLog team. Successful recruits will have the opportunity to gain nationally recognised qualifications in forestry, including a Certificate III in Forestry Operations. Trainees are provided with on-the-job training by industry professionals on forestry equipment dedicated to training to ensure that their theory work has context with its practical real-world application.

“SEED is an advanced training concept that combines technical training and life-skills education to support and improve the learning experience and outcomes for new entrants to the forestry industry. The life skills programme is delivered alongside the forest operations qualification of a Certificate III in Forest Operations, ensuring that SEED trainees receive a comprehensive and well-rounded education. SEED also represents MechLog’s commitment to safety, personal development, and enhancing skills and knowledge, with a focus on providing a targeted approach to developing a well-trained workforce for the forestry sector.

“MechLog has been delivering successful training outcomes to the forestry industry since 1994, and the SEED philosophy is shaped by the company’s own observations and experiences. “Many of the forestry professionals we have trained over the years have advanced to become supervisors and managers within our own company and with other forestry companies. We believe that SEED will continue this tradition of excellence and produce a new generation of skilled and motivated forestry professionals,” Ms Aylett Brown said.

For more information about the SEED, or to apply to join the MechLog team please visit the MechLog website:

MEDIA NOTES: Mechanised Logging Pty Limited (MechLog) is an Australian forestry services company that commenced operations in 1994. Since that time, the company has established its brand and its ‘Forestry with Care’ approach to industry practices as a respected services provider to the sector. Over the years, MechLog has kept pace with the latest technology and forestry practices. By embracing the changes within the industry, adopting new technologies, and maintaining a fleet of modern equipment, MechLog has built a successful sustainable business, and created greater efficiencies and productivity to meet the requirements of their clients and the demands of the end-users.

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