Adrian Brown

Adrian has been employed at MechLog since 1994. His 29 years of experience, including high-level industry and operational expertise, has been instrumental to the growth and expansion of MechLog during that time.

As a team leader and supervisor, Adrian has made great use of his exceptional communication skills with all stakeholders. Known for building strong working relationships with the rest of the management team, clients, and employees, Adrian has a well-deserved reputation for making insightful contributions to the success of any program with which he is involved.

Adrian has actively engaged in business development and leadership and is a Graduate of MechLog’s ‘Great Leadership Program’. He has responsibility for training and coaching MechLog’s new trainees as well as sharing his knowledge with employees looking to advance their careers.

He holds a Certificate 3 in Forestry Operations and is MechLog’s Mental Health First Aid Leader.

Tags: Senior Team