Tigercat attachments praised for durability & performance

This article appeared originally in Australian Forests & Timber News (June 2020)

Tigercat harvesting heads are built to match the high-performance capabilities of Tigercat track and wheel carriers and are well suited to a variety of jobs including at-the-stump harvesting, roadside processing and debarking.

We’re taking a closer look at the 5185 fixed felling head and 570 harvesting head.

Tigercat 570 harvesting head

The 570 is most productive working with trees 15-50 cm (6-20 in) in diameter in softwood and hardwood stands. Although best suited to the Tigercat H845 series, the 570 is designed to work with the H822, and H855 carriers, or a 20-25 tonne forestry excavator. With optional hydraulically timed processor knives, the 570 can also be used for roadside processing. The 570 has recently proved itself beneficial in debarking eucalyptus.

Jeffrey Fielding from Fielding Logging provided some feedback on the 570 harvesting head model.

“We decided to purchase the Tigercat 570 harvesting head as we were familiar with and pleased with the performance of the earlier Tigercat 575 model. With no down-time issues, the 570 has proved to be ahead of its class in both durability and performance” Jeffrey said.

“The key features that contribute to the excellent performance is that it is a tidy, solid unit that does not struggle to do the work. The saw is brilliant, particularly the saw limit control – and the full Optimizer measuring sequence is fast and accurate,” he added.

The 570 harvesting head is optimal for superior feeding, delimbing, measuring and debarking, especially in sub-optimal stem form conditions. Available in three levels of control, and reporting including full optimizer and StanForD reporting capability and Geo Mapping, the D5 system handles multiple jobs with multiple operators, and allows for customising menus and settings, right down to joystick button functions. Touching the length or diameter log symbols immediately direct you to the calibration setting screens. Indicator icons link to relevant setting screens. Production windows link directly to PRI & KTR production reports and bucking instructions. The main diagnostics screen is a map of the system. Simply touching a controller icon takes you directly to where you need to be.

Tigercat 5185 fixed felling head

The 5185 is a versatile fixed wrist bar saw head. It effectively fells and controls oversized timber and can perform other duties in-stand such as topping, removing large limbs and shovel logging. The 5185 is a great asset when felling and handling oversize trees and high value hardwood.

Owned by Mechanised Logging and working on the north West coast of Tasmania is a Tigercat 5185 fixed felling head fitted to a Tigercat L855C tracked feller buncher. This machine combination is well-suited to the task of high production tree falling, particularly on steep terrain.

On our recent visit to observe this machine in operation it was working on a plantation site clear falling pine ranging in sizes up to 900mm in diameter. With 9,000 hours of operation so far, this attachment continues to be very productive and is in very good condition.

We asked James Baker, who has operated this machine for the past two and a half years to provide some feedback on the performance of the attachment.

“The Tigercat 5185 fixed felling head is well-suited to falling a range of tree diameters and has the ability to place trees away from boundaries with ease,” James said.

“In addition to falling trees this attachment can also be used to place and remove cording. Using the right or twin fork side of the grab arm it can be used to dig which is very useful for preparing tracks for both initial forest access and to assist with tree extraction. It can also be used to move large obstacles and load trucks. This attachment is suitable for both plantation and native forest applications. The optional auto-adjust chain tensioner fitted to this unit is also a great feature,” he added.

Rod Wilson, Territory Manager from Onetrak added “The 5185 is regularly used to remove large limbs and head off trees with ease. Combined with the versatility of the Tigercat L855C levelling feller buncher this set up is particularly effective on steep terrain with high production rates being maintained in steep situations.”

Tigercat Power Clam Grapples

In addition to a wide range of felling and harvesting heads Tigercat recently released a series of power clam grapples. The range is sized for load capacities of 0,8 m², 0,9 m² and 1,1 m².

Tigercat power clam grapples feature durable boxed style jaws fabricated from high strength steel using fatigue resistant welded construction. All tine tips are made from abrasion resistant steel and can be replaced. The Power Clam grapples are optimally matched to the Tigercat 875, 880D, and 890 tracked carriers, and comes factory fitted and ready to go straight to work.

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